Major projects

The major projects of the Togolese Government to boost the country’s economy through the vision expressed and embodied by the leadership of the Head of State, are contained in the National Development Plan (PND) 2018 - 2022.

These Major projects are:
  1. the transformation of the Port of Lomé into value-added logistics services.
  2. The development of the corridor Lomé - Cinkassé.
  3. The development of agricultural transformation poles (creation of agropoles in each economic region
    The agri-business sector remains the driving force of the economic growth. the fertile soils existing in all regions of the country offer the opportunity for project development in the sector. Major Agropole projects being developed in the country by the State are opportunities for investors.
  4. The development of the industrial fabric with the creation of manufacturing and industrial hubs: the industrial sites of Adéticopé (74 ha), Dalavé (8 ha) and Agbélouvé (190 ha).
  5. The Real estate: Reforming the real estate to make it safer and more attractive for investors.

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